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Aloha my name is Lisa, thank you for stopping by Stay Kauai.  I have been in the vacation/real estate business for over 15 years.  In 2004 I started managing private estates and condos for a single owner, Richard MacDonald, an artist from CA.  It was here that my love and passion for real estate began.  I worked for him until I started real estate sales full time with Waioli Properties, Koa Properties and Pure Kauai.  During my time I have worked with (and for) numerous celebrities, executives, families, couples, etc., assisting them with their dream vacation.  Anything from helping to set up a surprise engagement, planning weddings, you name it – I did it.  It was a passion to truly show the guests a vacation of a lifetime. It was here where I lived and breathed customer service – all waking (and not waking) hours of my day were to tend to guests desires and I took great pride in making their trip nothing less than magical. 

At one point in my career I decided to take a little break to spend quality time with my kiddos, it lasted a whole six months!  When I decided it was time to go back I was hired on at Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty to help with the vacation rental part of the business. I helped grow the business from a small time company to #1 in the Western Region of Coldwell Banker. Again, I worked with clients of all sorts — honeymooners, celebs, families, people looking to “retreat”, etc. 

My focus has never changed. I believe in customer service and customer experience. I love nothing more than putting together a custom itinerary and watching it unfold — all the while getting to see the smiles, the ooh and ahhhs. I love it. I believe in eco-tourism and to leave as little a footprint as possible. It is here now, with Stay Kauai, that I am creating my own vision, one that blends sustainability with travel.  I’m honored and excited to impart my knowledge and love for Kauai to each and every guest and owner, to encourage health + wellness + living fully. I love yoga, surfing, beach walks, playing with my husky Frankie, visiting my kids at their respective colleges.  My motto is “live life better not bigger” I hope to share this with you!

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“Kauai is our favorite Hawaiian island, but still my family and I are so picky and demanding we’ve found alternatives when everything wasn’t “just right.” Enter Lisa Downer: She is a service-oriented, well-connected, easy to work with resource who takes the initiative to make every trip to the island memorable and logistically easy. As long as Lisa’s involved, we know this island will be our vacation home away from home. She always has her eyes out for the perfect beach-front vacation property to rent, and helps us secure all the services and amenities we’ve come to expect; from personal chefs, massaueses, to surf boards and bikes.. She’s a rock star and makes every trip to the Garden Isle something to remember!”

– Carl Daikeler, CEO Beachbody 

“My husband and I (and now, our extended family) have been vacationing in Kauai for 50 years! For the most recent five years, we have worked with Lisa Downer to secure vacation rentals on the North Shore of Kauai. Our experience with her has been nothing short of excellent. She is most knowledgeable and reliable, to say nothing of her warmth and friendly demeanor.”

– Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin, Minnesota 

“Lisa was the best host, guide, travel agent, and guardian angel I could have hoped for.  She made our trip to Kauai truly magical.  I would definitely trust her with my life…or at least with my holiday!”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of “Eat Pray Love”

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