Kauai is one of the most romantic places I know. The first time I visited Kauai was with my husband, Bodhi. He was raised here so it was a special treat to really “see” the island the first visit.  We stayed for 3 weeks this first trip and 3 months later we moved over.  If you’ve visited before then you know what I’m talking about…you fall in love and can’t stay away for long. 

Kauai is pure magic. From the warm sand beaches, to the lush trails, to the jagged mountains, to the rivers & streams, there just isn’t anywhere that doesn’t capture your attention and take your breath away. The beauty is awe inspiring.  I think this is why Kauai is sought out as a honeymooner’s destination. It’s a place where you can truly BE with your love… slow down enough to just be present and in love, truly fall in love with one another over again and enjoy nature as it should be enjoyed.   Slow mornings, beach days, sunsets with bonfires.  Heck, I want to honeymoon all over again :). 

If you need assistance in planning a wedding or honeymoon let us know.  We are available to help!! 

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