So, it’s in the back of your head that you need to book your trip to Kauai, soon. But, with Business of life, days, weeks and even months go by and now you’re left with a month before your highly anticipated trip – a trip you badly need – and you can’t find anywhere to stay. At least not anywhere you’d want to stay!

Personally, I’m not a planner. Not a planner in the sense that it’s really hard for me to think about a vacation 12 months out. However, if you want to visit Kauai anytime from December 20 – January 6ish and/or late June – mid August, I HIGHLY suggest you start the planning process early. And by early, I mean at least 9 – 12 months pre-trip. I know it sounds crazy but you will thank me later! I get calls every.single.year from people looking to book last minute trips. Other than those super lucky people who are finding availability from cancellations, you’ll be SOL – so heed my advice and book soon 🙂 

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