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At Stay Kauai we have over 15 years experience in island real estate and premium vacation planning. We believe in sharing the stunning beauty of this sacred place with those who feel its unmistakable pull, while leaving as little footprint as possible. In Hawaii, we call it Malama ‘Aina – to care for and nurture the land. We bring a level of intention and attention to our work that helps us make good on this promise, to be good stewards and to inspire the same in the people we serve.

After all these years, we still feel the excitement when our guests arrive for the first time, and a deep satisfaction when we hear that their hearts and imaginations have been captured by this special place, our home, the Garden Isle.

So whether you seek the perfect sanctuary for an adventurous family getaway, the tropical island honeymoon of your dreams, or your own gracious estate in any one of Kauai’s exclusive communities, we’ll be happy to exceed each and every one of your expectations.


Lisa Duet, Stay Kauai Owner

Sustainable Vacation Design, Attentive Service, Unforgettable Experience

Tailored to your exact needs and desires, we provide a level of service designed to leave you wanting for nothing, every detail thoughtfully considered. We are delighted to help you find the perfect home away from home for your visit, and hand-select private chefs, book excursions, recommend and reserve spa services, and coordinate transportation for you and your loved ones while you are here.

Exclusive Real Estate Offerings & Full-Service Property Management

With listings in each of Kauai’s most desirable enclaves, let us help you find the island home that best accommodates your lifestyle needs. We also provide inclusive property management services to maintain your home while you’re away or help you rent it to our discriminating community of vetted visitors.

“Lisa is a service-oriented, well-connected resource who takes the initiative to make every trip to our favorite island both memorable and logistically effortless. She always has her eyes out for the perfect beach-front vacation property for us to rent, and helps secure all the services and amenities we’ve come to expect – from personal chefs and masseuses, to surf boards and bikes. She’s a rock star and makes every trip to the Garden Isle something to remember!”

– Carl Daikeler, CEO Beachbody

“Lisa was the best host, guide, travel agent, and guardian angel I could have hoped for. She made our trip to Kauai truly magical.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of “Eat Pray Love”

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